Bremshey Pacer Treadmill with 2 year repair at home warrenty.

The Bremshey Pacer Treadmill was voted Best Buy in Which Magazine and comes with a two year onsite guarantee where a Bremshey engineer will visit your home to service or repair your treadmill.

Free delivery is also included when you order the Bremshey Pacer Treadmill, the treadmill will be carried inside your home by the delivery men and placed in any downstairs room.

Bremshey Pacer Treadmill, Best Buy in Which Magazine

Bremshey Pacer Treadmill

The Bremshey Pacer Treadmill includes a chest strap which connects to the treadmill wirelessly to transmit your heart rate, the Bremshey treadmill has many different running and walking programmes built in and several of them allow your running speeds and effort levels to be matched against your current heart rate as monitored by the chest strap, so the treadmill programme will push you to just the right amount of effort levels as the treadmill computer knows exactly what your heart rate is and whether you should be working harder or working easier.

The Bremshey Pacer Treadmill is a folding treadmill and also has wheels, don't worry the treadmill won't roll away when you are running as the wheels only come into contact with the floor when the treadmill is folded away ready for you to wheel the treadmill into a corner for storage.

As well as the chest strap to monitor your heart rate the Bremshey treadmill also has heart rate sensors built into the handlebars of the treadmill, just holding the handlebars will cause your heart rate to be monitored and displayed on the screen, should your heart rate go too high even if you are not using one of the heart rate monitoring exercise programmes you will still be warned with a message on the treadmill display.

As well as heart rate sensors speed and incline (the size of the hill you are walking or running up) can also be controlled from the treadmill handlebars this makes it very easy to change your speed without moving your hands from the handlebars, if you are new to treadmills some people find that they need to hold the handlebars for balance until their balance improves after using the treadmill frequently.
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