Care Elliptical Trainer Ixos Motorised.

Care Elliptical Trainer Ixos Motorised with Large Digital Display that Shows All Exercise Statistics At Once.

The Care Elliptical Trainer Ixos Motorised has a very large digital display area which has a very high contrast making it really easy to see even at a glance when you're exercising hard there's 7 digital display areas all of which show your exercise statics plus there's a graphical area which draws out the exercise programme you have selected as a mountain range so its easy to see the areas where you have to work hard (high mountains) and the areas where you have sustained activity (wide mountains).
Care Elliptical Trainer Ixos Motorised, Large Digital Display.

Large Digital Display, Shows All Exercise Statistics At Once.

With a comprehensive digital display that shows you exactly when training will be easy or hard and how long it will be easy or hard for you can see what part of the programme is coming up next and plan for your rest period or hard work period its much more realistic and easier to complete because your goal can be the easy bit coming up or the end being in sight.

Built into the handlebars of this incredibly strong and well built elliptical trainer is a stainless steel pulse sensor hold the handlebars whilst you cross train and not only will your pulse rate and calculated heart rate appear on screen but the HRC Heart Rate Control programmes will use your heart rate to auto-adjust themselves making the pedals harder to move or easier to maintain a constant heart rate or a heart rate that shows your in the fat burning zone.

The handlebars are height adjustable so you won't have to reach up to reach the handlebars or stop down to hold them you can simply set the handlebars at a height that's comfortable for you to exercise.

This elliptical trainer has a maximum user weight of 24 stone and is very strong and solidly built and comes with a 5 years chassis and two years parts and labour warranty.
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