Cheap 10ft Trampoline For Sale.

The AirKing Pro is a Cheap 10ft Trampoline for use in the garden all year round, you don't have to take it in when it rains or at anytime throughout the whole year as it comes with a 5 year anti-rust warranty.

Its a very safe cheap 10ft trampoline too as it comes with a safety enclosure, this is like a netting fence which completely surrounds the trampoline and means that children and adults can bounce in safety, if the bounce or fall against the netting safety enclosure they will just be gently pushed back by the safety enclosure.

10ft Trampoline, AirKing Pro with Enclosure

Cheap 10ft Trampoline from AirKing Pro.

The safety enclosure uses foam covered poles and netting to ensure its completely safe and will protect the children even with the most vigorous of bouncing and fun and games.

With a price well under two hundred pounds and free delivery too this really is a cheap 10ft trampoline, its delivered in boxes that will fit through the front door or garden gate or alley way making sure that whatever size garden area you have this cheap 10ft trampoline will fit.

You can erect your 10ft trampoline on grass, concrete, wooden decking or any outside surface, the 10ft trampoline has four frame legs which keeps the trampoline stable at all times, it won't dig in even into a wet lawn thanks to the large frame leg design.

The AirKing Pro 10ft trampoline with safety enclosure is a very safe trampoline as it comes with some essential safety features that all trampolines should have but sadly don't first of all you get a safety enclosure included with the trampoline this is a fence that fits around the outside edge of the trampoline and is made from a strong yet soft netting material which you can see through so you can still see your children playing in the garden when you look out of your house, this safety fence surrounds the trampoline and prevents anyone falling off the trampoline as it provides a physical barrier to hold them on the trampoline.

Children like the safety enclosure as the fabric fence turns the trampoline into a sort of den or house that they like to play in other safety features include the safety padding on the edge of the trampoline frame which covers the springs with the safety padding you can fall on the padding and not hurt yourself as the closed cell structure of the polyurethane foam pads will prevent injury and the pads are flexible so they don't crack when you bend them and like the main trampoline are resistant to water, sunlight cracking and discolouration.

The safety enclosure has upright poles which are fitted with safety foam this foam prevents injuries on the poles.

The large frame ensures you can use the trampoline on a wide range of surfaces from grass, sand, wood chippings, bark, concrete, paving stone, soil and many more.

Included with the trampoline is the safety enclosure and a ladder to help children easily climb into and out of the trampoline also all the tools you need to assemble the trampoline are included and whilst you don't need many tools its reassuring to know that what you do need is included in the box.
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