Airking Pro Cheap 12ft Trampoline.

Cheap 12ft Trampoline manufactured by AirKing Pro, this large trampoline the diameter of two 6ft people lying end to end will give lots of fun for the children and adults.

Of course a cheap 12ft trampoline is not just for fun, it's for exercise too, did you know that trampolining is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise available, and will keep you fit or help you lose weight and watch your waistline.

12ft Air King Pro Trampoline Exercise Fun

Cheap 12ft Outdoor Trampoline.

With the included free weather cover you can leave your cheap 12ft trampoline outside all year round, the metal has a 5 year guarantee against rust, its stable too with four frame legs which are large and cannot sink into the grass no matter how much rain we get here in England.

With a 19 stone maximum users weight even adults can use this cheap 12ft trampoline.

It's easy to setup too, AirKing are the world's leaders in trampolines for the home garden they have sold millions of them, and with that in mind over the years they have perfected incredibly safe yet incredibly easy setup of trampolines.

The cheap trampoline comes with a safety enclosure which is a foam and netting fence that goes all the way round the trampoline and stops children and adults alike from bouncing out of the trampoline.

A low price of 200 pounds, free delivery and a 5 year guarantee for such a large cheap 12ft trampoline, you're really getting a bargain from AirKing.

The AirKing Pro 12ft trampoline with safety enclosure is suitable for both children and adults as the maximum adult weight of the trampoline is rated at 24 stone so everyone can use this trampoline without worrying abut their weight but if you are looking to get fit then exercising on a trampoline is a good way to do it as trampolines are a great form of cardiovascular exercise (cardio) this means exercise that gets your heart pumping and you using muscles and burning calories which will cause you to lose weight as you burn more calories.

Trampolines are also great for shaping and toning your body and will help tone you buttocks, hips, thighs, calves, stomach, shoulders and arms so if you're looking for better definition on your arms and legs then bounce along with the kids and get some exercise as its one of the easiest and most fun ways to burn calories.

Exercising on a trampoline is also low impact as the trampoline mat has elastic properties and gently bounces you back up again and prevent sudden impact injury that you get with other forms of exercise for example running or walking.

The trampoline is strong too not only able to support a weight of 24 stone but designed to last for many years with a trampoline mat that has ten separate rows of stitching holding the v-rings onto the trampoline to secure the springs where other trampoline manufacturers would only use five rows of stitching.

There's a five year warranty on the trampoline too so any problems and your get a free repair or free replacement and the trampoline is weatherproof so you can leave it outside all year round as its rust proof, water proof, rot proof, mildew proof, ultraviolet light cracking and discolouration proof.

All the tools you need for assembly are included free of charge in the trampoline box which is also delivered free of charge by courier.
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