Cintura T-2001 Treadmill has wheels which makes it easy to move and hydraulic easy folding.

Wished you had a Treadmill at home, but don't think you have the room the Cintura T-2001 Folding Treadmill has a hydraulic system for effortless folding and wheels for easy moving around the house.

If you want to store your Treadmill in one place and move it to another place for use, then the Cintura T-2001 Folding Treadmill is for you.

Cintura T-2001 Treadmill With Easy Storage Hydraulic Folding System

Cintura T-2001 Folding Treadmill

Who wants to exercise where they store the exercise equipment, you want to move the treadmill out into the open area where there is more room, but you don't want to keep it in the middle of your room when not in use, with wheels and a unique hydraulic folding system, it's easy to fold and unfold your treadmill and simple to wheel it between rooms.

The Cintura Folding Treadmill is a fully specified treadmill with heart rate sensors in the handlebars and a powerful 3.5HP motor, 10 preset programs insure your running won't get boring from calorie burning, brisk walk to extreme running the Cintura has it all.
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