12 month warranty

The Cintura T-2003 Treadmill comes with a full 1 year guarantee, if it breaks you get a new treadmill.

Not many treadmill suppliers offer such a warranty but the Cintura is such a reliable treadmill that such a guarantee can be made.

Cintura T-2003 Treadmill with 1 Year Guarantee

Cintura T-2003 Treadmill.

The Cintura T-2003 treadmill has 10 running programs including fat burn, distance running, alpine running, endurance, walking and incline, simply select the program that best describes your goal, you can adjust the effort level to a level that just pushes you and as you get fitter continue to increase the effort level, if you like running or walking uphill simply use the handlebar control to adjust the incline of the running track.

Whether you like running or walking, whether you want to keep fit, get fit or win medals the Cintura T-2003 treadmill will get you there, and with the full 1 year warranty you don't have to worry about the treadmill breaking down.

Save space in your home with the Cintura treadmill, it folds, with the running deck folding vertically to take up a lot less space, you can simple wheel the treadmill around the house to store it out of the way, in the garage, in the shed, in the porch, pushed up against the wall, anywhere which is convenient.

The Cintura has the full range of statistics and measuring information while you run including distance travelled, time taken, calories burned, body fat loss calculations and speed.

If your net yet confident on a treadmill, don't worry the Cintura has a big red stop switch on a big red cord, hold the cord in your hand while you run and if you are at all worried pull the cord and the treadmill will stop, you can also push the big red button if you don't fancy holding the cord, don't fear, it's easy to stop and cannot 'run away with you'.

A new treadmill with no downside, the Cintura T-2003 has a full 1 year guarantee, so buy with confidence and enjoy.
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