The Best Selling Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

The Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer with built in heart rate monitor in the handle bars as well as displaying your heart rate displays your speed, distance travelled, calories burned and distance travelled.

The Cintura 650 has two sets of handle bars, stationary handle bars if you like your arms to remain still while you are using the cross trainer and moving handle bars if you would like a more energetic or cardio workout, obviously moving handle bars and increased cardio vascular activity is the best especially for losing weight, but some people prefer to just move their legs on the cross trainer, and with the Cintura 650 now you have the option.

Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Heart Rate Monitor

Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

The cross trainer has what's called infinite resistance adjustment, that means you are not limited to preset levels of ease or difficulty in the effort required to move the cross trainer pedals, but you can set your own effort level on a variable scale from easy to hard, it's not a preset scale like 8 levels of ease and difficulty more like 800 levels or near infinite levels of adjustment, so your effort level will be just as you like it.

This Elliptical Cross Trainer has very large foot plates so there is no danger of slipping off or your feet moving right to the very edge of the foot plate and starting to feel uncomfortable, with the Cintura 650 comfort and ease of use have been built in.

The Cintura650 elliptical cross trainer has a discounted bargain price and is one of the best selling elliptical trainers not only due to its discounted price but due to the quality construction and wide range of features that you get with the elliptical trainer features like dual handlebars which combine a step machine with an elliptical trainer, use the fixed handlebars and you have a step machine that works your lover body and is good for toning you legs and bottom and use the moving handlebars and you have an elliptical action that moves both your arms and your legs for a full workout.

If your buying the Cinturta650 for the family to use its great because women prefer to use the fixed handlebars to get the step machine action for shaping and toning the thighs, calves, hips and buttocks whilst men prefer the moving handlebars and the overall workout from moving arms and shoulders as well as legs.

Between the handlebars your find a smart looking exercise computer and control panel where all the buttons are located here you can see how many calories you have been burning whilst your exercising and you can see your pulse rate which has been measured by pulse monitoring equipment built into the handlebars, holding the stainless steel sensors as you exercise causes your pulse to be read through your hands and displayed on screen, use your pulse rate to gauge how hard your working and see the results of your exercise in the form of the calories you have burned counting upwards.

When you have finished exercising the Cintura650 is easy to store as you can simply lift up one end of the elliptical trainer and the wheels will then touch the floor enabling you to push the elliptical trainer from one room to another or to a corner of the room out of the way when not in use.
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