Cross Train at home with the Cintura2000.

If your looking to buy a Cross Trainer for home use the Cintura2000 Elliptical Cross Trainer is ideal, with heart rate sensors in the handlebars you can monitor your heart rate as you exercise.

The Cinture2000 uses a 10kg flywheel to generate workout resistance, this makes the cross trainer very quiet and ideal for home use.

Cross Trainer, Cintura2000, Heart Beat Sensors

Cintura2000 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

The heavy duty flywheel also makes the unit steady and strong, much better than other makes of cross trainer.

The included exercise computer has a display mounted on the cross trainer, here you can see your time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories used.

If your looking to burn calories, simply watch the calorie display as you exercise and you will see how many calories you are burning, perfect if your watching your calories or want to burn off last nights over indulgence.

The Cintura2000 magnetic elliptical cross trainer has a large 10kg flywheel on the back of the pedals this provides lots of momentums when you're pedalling and steps feel more natural and less mechanical and the machine doesn't suffer from wobbling or stiffness like other elliptical trainers.

The dual handlebars give you a full body workout with both stationary and moving handlebars use the stationary handlebars to measure your pulse as you exercise as they are fitted with hand pulse sensors and the stationary handlebars also provide a step action its like having two exercise machines combined into one a step machine and an elliptical cross trainer you can use the step machine to tone your legs, buttocks, thighs and calves.

Use the moving handlebars to provide a full body workout using your whole body where just like with the stationary handlebars you're using your legs with the moving handlebars your moving your arms and shoulders in addition to the step action so your get the maximum possible workout in one go working all your bodies major muscle groups your legs and arms.

You can adjust the resistance from a resistance dial that's located on the handlebar column directly in front of you as your standing on the paddles, use the resistance dial to increase or reduce how hard it is to move the paddles, with more resistance you working out harder your see your pulse rate that's measured through the handlebars and displayed on the screen rise as you work harder and your see the calories that you have burned rise as well which is also displayed on the exercise computer.

This elliptical trainer has large foot plates so you won't find yourself standing on top of the foot plates resting your feet on the foot plate guards because the foot plates are too small for your feet your always have plenty of room on the Cintura200 foot plates as they have been made oversize on purpose.
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