Champion Dumbbell Weight Set.

The DKN 10kg Red Cast Iron Champion Dumbbell Weight Set is the best looking weight set available painted in a knock and scratch resistant bright red colour this weight set come with free delivery.

Want to build muscle, tone or sculpt your body then buy this weight set.

DKN 10kg Red Cast Iron Champion Dumbbell Weight Set

DKN 10kg Red Cast Iron Champion Dumbbell Set.

The dumbbell bar is made to the standard width dumbbell size as used by all dumbbell weights so when you buy this weight set rest assured it will work with any other weights or bars you already own.

The dumbbell bar is chrome and the dumbbell weights are cast iron and with the weight sets painted in a knock resistant paint your find these dumbbells practically indestructible and will last for many years.

The red dumbbell weights are secured to the dumbbell bar using a spin lock collar, it's real easy and quick to spin the collar to lock or unlock the weight.

When locked with the spin collar your weights won't slide or rattle together as they are held firmly in place and if you have ever trained with dumbbell weights that rattle as you use them your know how infuriating this is to both yourself and those around you.

In the package you get one red cast iron and chromium dumbbell bar, two spin lock collars and six dumbbell weights which have a total weight of 10kg, of course you can add or remove any of these weights to create a dumbbell bar of exactly the weight you want to train with.

Part of the DKN fitness shop range these dumbbells are designed to give years of service so no matter whether you are new to training with dumbbells or an experienced body builder you won't find a better set of weights at such an affordable price.

With free delivery and such a cheap price this red weight set excellent value for money.
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