Multi Gym for Big Men & Big Women.

For those of you who are large than life the DKN Studio 7300 24 Stone User Weight Multi Gym, if your overweight and looking to exercise or body building already and built up then your want a multigym that you know supports your weight and won't let you down.

This heavyweight multigym is designed to support a user with a maximum bodyweight of 24 stone or 150kg, it's still a multigym perfectly suited for the home though, whilst strong and suitable for big men and women it is in itself not a massive multigym because it is designed to fit into the room and through the door of a standard size house.

DKN Studio 7300 24 Stone User Weight Multi Gym

DKN Studio 7300 Multi Gym.

It's a good looking piece of gym equipment as well as having all the multi gym features and strength you would expect.

With 45kg or 7 stone of weights to lift you will get all the workout you need including Abdominal crunch, Abdominal leg raise, Bent-over row, Front and lateral deltoid, Shoulder raise, Lateral pull down, Leg extension, Inner and outer leg kick, Seated shoulder press, Upright row, Narrow grip pull down, Standing biceps curl and Standing leg curl. That's 13 different exercises you can do on the DKN multigym, no wonder they call it a multigym!

The actual multigym equipment has a weight of 96kg itself so it's sturdy and long lasting but not impossible to move around the home as and when you need too.

The multigym is delivered free of charge by courier so you won't have to worry about expensive delivery options being added to the cost, the price you see is all you pay.

There's a two years manufacturers warranty on this heavyweight homegym so if you have any problems the actual manufacturer will look after you directly, repairing or replacing the homegym as required.
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