DKN X-Trainer XC-120 Elliptical Cross Trainer.

DKN X-Trainer XC-120 Elliptical Cross Trainer with 16 Inch Stride Length and 12 Exercise Programmes.

With a 16 inch stride length your be able to stretch your legs and get a full exercise no matter how long your legs and with the 12 exercise programmes on the DKN X-Trainer XC-120 Elliptical Cross Trainer there's plenty of choice from weight loss, fat burn, endurance and strength exercise programmes so you won't get bored.
DKN X-Trainer XC-120 Elliptical Cross Trainer, 16 Inch Stride Length.

16 Inch Stride Length, 12 Exercise Programmes.

There's a rear mounted 14kg flywheel which smoothes the individual cross trainer steps no matter how jerky your movements into a smooth and fluid cross trainer action so there's no vibration and you don't get tired so quickly.

The resistance system used (how hard it is to move the pedals round) is a magnetic induction system this is completely silent in operation so you can listen to music or watch television whilst you cross train and induction resistance systems do not create any vibration so the elliptical trainer remains solid with great stability.

In the soft touch handlebars your find stainless steel resistance sensors have been embedded hold these sensors as you exercise and your pulse rate will be measured from your hands and displayed on the colour screen.

The colour screen has a large digit display so it's easy to read even when you're concentrating on your exercise and just glancing at the screen and the exercise programme you have selected is shown graphically on screen as a variable width bar chart which shows the intensity of the exercise and the resistance level.

The DKN X-Trainer XC-120 Elliptical Cross Trainer features adjustable height handlebars so you can set the handlebars to match your height with no more stooping down or reaching up as you cross train and with dual handlebars you can have a separate lower body exercise (step machine) or a full body exercise (arms and legs).
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