Designer Treadmill

Do you have a beautiful home, do you want a treadmill to be part of that beautiful home but want the treadmill to be as beautiful and stylish as all the other things you buy for your home, the TrackSpeed3000 designer treadmill should be on your shopping list.

With it's sleek silver lines that curve round to the beautifully sculpted control deck this treadmill should be on display as a work or art.

Designer Treadmill, TrackSpeed3000, Beautiful and Stylish

Designer Treadmill, TrackSpeed3000.

Just because you want to get fit or stay fit there's no reason you should have to clutter up your house with a piece of old gym equipment that looks like it was chucked out from the local council run gym, you can buy the TrackSpeed3000 it's beautiful lines complementing your beautiful home.

You're not ashamed of being fit, far from it, and now you don't need to be ashamed of your running equipment either, just because it's a running machine does not mean it can't be as beautiful as you are.

A superb choice for both houses and apartments, the TrackSpeed3000 has a hydraulic folding system that will move the running deck into a vertical position and take up even less room in your home, so on the days that while you agree it's beautiful, it's still taking up too much room you can fold it away.

The control panel is easy to read with big clear displays that look like they would be at home on the Starship Enterprise, Star Trek aside the TrackSpeed has all the features you could want pulse monitors in the handlebars for heartbeat display, calories burned, distance run, time take and even a storage holder for your drinks, gin and tonic not included.

If beautiful things are important to you the TrackSpeed3000 designer treadmill is a must.

The TrackSpeed3000 treadmill is a mid priced treadmill with a very large running deck so there's plenty of room to move about, often your find that treadmills have a running deck that's too small and you feel penned in by the handrails and narrow deck this can lead you to feeling that your about to fall off even if you aren't its the feeling a narrow treadmill gives you but with the TrackSpeed3000 treadmill you have lots of room and will feel that your able to run or walk more naturally without being forced to stand in a particular spot.

Built into the treadmill are twenty four exercise programmes these programs offer you a range of running tracks that you can select running tracks to get you fit to help you lose weight to increase your cardio to have fun and to run really fast plus many others the reason I'm referring to them as running tracks rather than exercise programmes is that's what they are essentially the exercise programmes change the speed of the treadmill as well as the angle of the hill or even no hill (incline) at all as you run and that changing course is just like a running track where every track is different.

The treadmill console where the screen, buttons and water holders are located has five separate displays for all the various monitoring like speed, distance, calories, pulse rate etc the advantage of the different displays is that you can see the exact value your interested in immediately without having to wait for the display to scroll round if you are for instance only interested in how many calories your burning and the time remaining its really good to be able to see those two metrics at the same time as for example your running hard to burn more calories but you can't keep running hard forever so you want to be in sight of the end of the workout.
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