BodyTrain T1000 Designer Treadmill

The BodyTrain T1000 is a new treadmill in fact its a Designer Treadmill with designer styling and you can by it from stock with free delivery and at just over two hundred pounds its an absolute bargain.

There's a large and very clear LCD display that actually shows you a running track and your position on the running track as you move around, its a great way to see your progress and to provide positive feedback of how your doing.

Modern Treadmill, BodyTrain T1000

Designer Treadmill, Designer Styling.

With this designer treadmill by BodyTrain you get a very stylish treadmill that folds up after use to save space, that's right the treadmill running deck, the conveyor belt if you prefer folds upwards when not in use and the treadmill immediately becomes half the size, its easy to store makes perfect sense for a home treadmill where everyone's room space is at a premium.

The digital display computer has twelve different exercise programmes which are designed for specific exercise goals like losing weight, burning calories, walking, marathon running, jogging, heart rate control and even hill walking and running.

Included is a heart rate monitor built into the handlebars of this designer treadmill, just hold the handlebars as you run and your current heartrate will appear on the built-in display.

Like to run fast this designer treadmill is capable of over 12kph. The BodyTrain T1000 treadmill even includes a fat tester to check your bodyfat so you can easily see how much weight your losing and how trim your getting.
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