Under 100 Pounds Crosstrainer With Heart Rate Measurement.

For under one hundred pounds you can buy a >Cintura 650 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Dual Action Crosstrainer and Stepper and a Cross Trainer with Heart Rate Measurement.

A cross trainer with heart rate measurement for under one hundred pounds that also doubles up as a stepper, that's a bargain.

Cintura650 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Heart Rate Monitor

Cintura 650 Crosstrainer with Heart Rate Measurement.

The dual action is made possible by the fixed handlebars used for stepping and the moving handlebars used as an elliptical cross trainer.

Heart rate measurement on this cross trainer and step machine combination is measured by two sensors built into the handlebars, these sensors measure the pulse in your hands, the digital display then converts the pulse into a heart rate measured in BPM Beats Per Minute.

Despite the cross trainers low cost its still very much feature filled with a seven function training computer located in a good position right between the handlebars within easy reach while you are exercising.

Resistance to your cross training or stepping is provided by a an air and friction system, it's very unusual to find an air system on such a cheap cross trainer as this technology usually signals that the crosstrainer is very expensive employing the best resistance systems.

The crosstrainer is coloured in a very attractive black and silver two tone, this makes the crosstrainer ideally suited for home use where it's just as important for the crosstrainer to look good as it is for the cross trainer to perform well and be for sale at a great price.

The Cintura 650 elliptical cross trainer is a dual action elliptical cross trt5ainer just like the cross trainers you see in the gym, dual action means that the elliptical cross trainer has two sets of handlebars a stationary set of handlebars which just work your legs and act as a step machine and a moving set of handlebars which work your arms as well as your legs and provide whole body cardiovascular exercise so buying the Cintura 650 is like buying two exercise machines rolled into one.

If your buying this elliptical trainer for the family then you need a trainer that fits all members of the family from tall people to short people and that's what your get with the Cintura 650 as the Cintura has very large footplates which give you plenty of room for your feet which is important whether your tall or short as tall people have a larger stride and will appreciate the extra room on the footplates to keep their feet further apart whilst shorter people will appreciate that they can keep their legs closer together as they have a smaller stride.

The paddles on the Cintura 650 can be worked forwards or backwards whilst the majority of elliptical trainer users operate the paddles in a clockwise direction some people prefer to operate the paddles in an anticlockwise or reverse direction this makes no difference to the exercise but not all elliptical trainers feature reversing paddles the Cintura 650 does.

A full one year warranty is included with the Cintura 650 so if you have any problems your get a free repair or free replacement.

On the bottom of the elliptical trainer on the feet your find transport wheels that only touch the floor when one side of the elliptical trainer is titled these transport wheels enable you to easily push the elliptical trainer around your house on the wheels as if it was a wheelbarrow making it easy to use the elliptical trainer in one room of the house and yet store the trainer in another room out of the way.
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