York Diamond Dumbell Bench with Leg Attachments.

The Dumbbell Bench from York Diamond has removable leg attachments for leg curls, leg extensions and preacher curls.

The dumbbell bench can be inclined and declined in up to 10 different angles and the seat automatically moves back as the angle increases.

Dumbell Bench, York Diamond with Leg Attachments

York Diamond Dumbell Bench.

If you look at the picture you will see that the leg curl/leg extension attachment fits on the front post.

There's a 47 stone maximum weight loading on this bench press, so it can be used by the lightest or the heaviest person and even cope with some quite extreme dumbbell weights.

You can do a preacher curl in 3 different positions.

Rear support is provided by an upholstered tube for use when doing a bench press.

The York dumbbell bench is coloured in orange and dark grey and looks every bit the quality, well made piece of gym equipment it is.

Perfect for use in the home where all corners are rounded and made safe with upholstering or rounded end caps, after all you don't want the bench press scratching the floor or snagging on the carpet.

The attachments have squeeze tight, quick release fittings and so are very simple and easy to change or remove mid exercise, you won't need to get the manual and spanner set out between reps!

Free delivery is included, order today and you will have your dumbbell bench in 2 to 6 days, (more likely 2 days).

Self assemble is a snap, literally, just take the large sections out of the box and snap them together, then get a cup of tea, because your done, that's all there is to it.

The York Diamond bench press is great for the home, it's designed for home use, but designed with the professional in mind, you won't find flimsy steel section, and hard plastic seats, the York Diamond is made from solid commercial grade steel and the seat is upholstered for your continued comfort, do a large number of reps and you won't be keen to get off the seat because it's uncomfortable, you will be watching your reps, not watching your uncomfortable seat.
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