Folding Treadmill.

Think you don't have the space for a treadmill at home then take a look at the Easy Storage York T102 Folding Treadmill, the running deck folds upwards to make for very easy storage around the house.

If you only have a single room or live in a flat or small house then you might think you don't have room for a treadmill at least not a full-size treadmill and who wants some sort of cut down version, well now you can have your own high quality, sturdy and reliable at home with the York T102 Folding Treadmill, the running deck folds upwards for easy storage.

Easy Storage York T102 Folding Treadmill

York T102 Folding Treadmill.

It's easy to store the folding treadmill, just unlock the deck at the side of the treadmill and pull the running deck upwards, it's a bit like opening a car boot, the deck locks in an upright position so it's nice and safe and then you can unlock the running deck and lower it to the floor when you are ready to exercise again.

This easy storage treadmill is suitable for all runners and walkers with a maximum body weight of 19 stone or 120kg so whatever your weight you can take advantage of the easy store treadmill.

There's a large running deck that's 16 inches in width (40 cm), so you won't fall or slip of this treadmill and there's a heart rate sensor in the treadmill; handlebars that displays your heart rate and distance travelled, time taken, power in Watts, calories burned and time remaining.

If your looking for a treadmill that is 'switch on and go' then your love the York T102 Folding Treadmill which even has free delivery and a money back guarantee if your unhappy.

There's an emergency stop button that is red and nice and big and will stop the treadmill immediately if you get into difficulties as well as a emergency stop key, you can put the key cord around your wrist if you wish and then if you fall off or lose your balance the cord will get pulled and the treadmill emergency stop will be activated, it's an added safety feature that depending on your comfort level with treadmills you might find useful.
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