Cornilleau Sport 300M Table Tennis Table.

The Easy Store Cornilleau Sport 300M Outdoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table is a complete indoor table tennis package including a folding table tennis table, a table tennis net and post set which does not even have to be removed when you fold the table, how's that for convenience. Also included is four table tennis bats, these are very nice bats suitable for competition and made by Cornilleau.

Also included with the folding table tennis table is six white table tennis balls and a table tennis table cover for year round all weather protection to keep your table tennis table in the best condition when kept outside for the whole year.

Easy Store Cornilleau Sport 300M Outdoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table

Cornilleau Sport 300M Outdoor Rollaway Table Tennis Table.

Included in the table tennis table package are three different colour playing surfaces, you get green, blue and grey so whatever your preference your find the Cornilleau Sport table tennis table has them all.

The balls and bats are stored inside the table tennis table so you never lose your balls or bats and that's just perfect for a folding table tennis table where you might not use it all the time or might want to wheel the unit around.

Using the table tennis table outside or inside is easy as the table comes with large six inch diameter wheels making it easy to move the folded table over the bumps and holes found on lawns and other surfaces outside, and inside it's easy to move too, its easy to move on carpets as well as wooden, stone, tile and lino surfaces.

The table automatically locks into position when opened, even if the floor is uneven like a cobbled, sand or earth floor the table still locks open and gives a flat and uniform surface to play on no matter how bad the actual ground is.

The included outdoor tops are weather resistant and will withstand sun, rain, snow and frost and still look as good as the day your bought the table, they won't lose colour, crack or flake with the weather.

With free delivery there has never been a better time to by this easy to store table tennis table.
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