Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Machine

The Eclipse Panther Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Machine is great for a cardio vascular workout to help you lose weight or stay fit.

With easy to read computer screen which monitors your speed, distance, heart rate and calorie count you can monitor your progress as you exercise. The heart rate is monitored through the handlebars so you don't need to wear a special heart rate monitor.

Eclipse Panther Elliptical Cross Trainer Exercise Machine

Elliptical Cross Trainer.

The cross trainer arms swing back and forth whilst the paddles move up and down so you are working your upper body and your lower body at the same time, this will help you burn calories and lose weight or select a training program to week by week improve your fitness. You can adjust the effort level and make your workout easier or harder which will burn more calories and get you slimmer or toned depending on the program you select.

Cross trainers are a very low impact way to get fit, if you have tried running machines or treadmills you will have felt the impact in your legs and thighs, with cross trainers your feet move up and down on the pedals and there is no impact involved.

The handle bars can be fixed or moveable depending on which training program you select, when fixed you are step training and the stepper motion will certainly keep you trim, whilst moveable handle bars are great for cardio work.

The cross trainer 'ride' is very smooth thanks to a 8kg flywheel which smoothes out your movements. The cross trainer has wheels on the base and can be easily moved.
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