Floor Covering mat.

Floor Covering Mat to protect and save your floor from scratches, marks and noise when using exercise equipment like treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines and multigyms.

For under 20 pounds you can buy a pack of four mats that can be used on their own under four different pieces of exercise equipment or joined together by clicking the mats together to make one large floor protection mat.

Floor Protection Mats for Treadmills Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines

Floor Protection from Exercise Equipment.

The mats are thick so even the heaviest of exercise machines won't squash them flat, don't use a flat mat at flat mats have no sound absorption properties and will be very noisy, use a think mat like these floor covering mats which will even save your floor from chips and dents if you drop a dumbbell or other weight.

You can even exercise on the mats using them just like regular exercise mats, they will be warm and certainly more comfortable than using the floor, the thickness will mean that a cold floor won't make you cold as the mat will protect you from the cold and if for example you drop to your knees on the mat, your knees will be cushioned from the fall, saving you from joint pain and possible injury.

These safety floor mats are designed especially for holding heavy equipment, they are non slip too, so if you have a shiny floor and it's a bit dangerous to exercise on because you might slip and fall then these safety floor mats will be ideal.

With free delivery and a discounted under 20 pounds price, it's time to buy your own floor protection mats.
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