Exercise Equipment Floor Protection.

Like to exercise at home and find your exercise equipment is noisy on the floor, chips your floor, scratches your floor or causes vibrations then place a extra thick floor protector mat from Reebok under your treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine or multigym.

Extra thick floor protector mats are supplied in a pack of four floor mats, you can use the floor mats individually of join the mats together using the unique tongue and groove edges on the floor mats to create one huge floor protection mat.

Floor Protection Mats for Treadmills Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines

Extra Thick Floor Protector Mats.

You can even buy more than one pack of four mats and join all the packs of mats you buy together to make a whole area of floor protected.

You can exercise on these extra thick floor protection mats too, they are soft and if you have floor work to do, better to do your floor mat on an extra thick floor mat where you won't hurt your bottom or knees.

For under twenty pounds and with free delivery you just won't find a better deal on floor protection mats.
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