Prevent Floor Damage From Exercise Equipment.

Prevent Floor Damage with floor protection mats from Reebok, these mats are specially made to prevent damage to floors from exercise equipment like treadmills, cross trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines and multigyms.

These solid yet extra fit mats can be locked together thanks to the locking sides of the mats, you lock the mats together to create an even bigger mat, you can create a floor mat of any size or any shape the floor mat does not have to be square or rectangle, you can create many different shapes and floor areas to exactly cover your floor area.

Floor Protection Mats for Treadmills Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines

Floor Protection Mats Prevent Floor Damage.

Using floor protection mats to prevent floor damage from all types of sports equipment, if you lift weights and a dumbbell or bar falls onto the floor, not only will it make a terrible noise causing your friends and neighbours to complain or ask you what happened, which can be embarrassing if you have dropped something.

The floor mats will cushion the sound so no one will know you dropped a weight or fell over on the floor mat, they will also protect the floor preventing the floor from damage due to chipping, scratching, impressions, dents and other damage in wood floors, stone floors, concrete floors and carpet.

You can make yourself a whole exercising area using these mats, you can perform mat based exercises as its much nicer to sit or kneel on the floor mat than it is to sit or kneel on a solid floor, that's also probably cold, sitting or kneeling on a cold solid floor can cause damage to your legs and knees especially if accompanied by high impact exercises, the floor mat however will absorb these high impact exercises or for example the impact caused by a fall from the treadmill or exercise bike preventing serious injury.
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