Floor Protection Mats for Exercise Equipment.

Floor Protection Mats prevent scratches, dents, marks and noise from Exercise Equipment including Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers, Bikes and other Exercise Equipment.

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Floor Protection Mats for Treadmills Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines

Protect Floors from Exercise Equipment.

Each pack contains four separate floor protection mats which can be used individually as four separate floor protection mats or they can be joined together using the joint on the sides of the floor mat to make one big mat, you can pull apart the floor mat joint as many times as you like creating large floor protection mats and small floor protection mats as needed.

Join more than one pack of floor protection mats together to create huge floor protection mats to cover a whole area, you don't have to join the floor mats together in a square, you could make a rectangle area or an L shape, or many other shapes as is needed.

Exercise equipment of all shapes and sizes can be accommodated on these floor protection mats to keep your stone, brick, wooden, marble, concrete, wood, tile or vinyl floors free from marks, dents, scratches, chips, knocks and nicks.

Use the floor protection mat as an exercise mat too its flexible and deep in thickness, its much better than doing floor exercises on a cold floor, protect your knees and joints if you fall, floor protection mats not only protect you they also protect the floor.

If you weight train you need a floor protection mat, dropping a dumbbell or barbell on the floor is going to cause a lot of damage as well as a lot of noise, prevent both the damage and the noise with a floor protection mat.
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