Under 20 Pounds for Four Floor Protection Mats.

Floor Protection Mats to stop vibration noise and scratches on your floor at home, these floor protection mats are ideal for Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes and Rowing Machines.

The floor protection mats come as a pack of four mats that can be joined together to make one big mat or two smaller mats, buy more packs of floor protection mats and you can join the mats together to make a floor mat of any size you require.

Floor Protection Mats for Treadmills Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes, Rowing Machines

Floor Protection Mats for all types of Gym Equipment.

At less that 20 pounds and with free delivery these floor protection mats are very cheap and will save your floor from damage and noise.

The floor mats are thick and will absorb any vibration noise as well as being comfortable to walk on, you can either just place the floor mats directly under your exercise equipment to protect the floor or create a gym area in your home by buying extra floor mats and joining them together.

The floor mats just push and lock together so once joined they are easy to separate but will always stay as one large mat without separation.

Made by Reebok these floor mats are designed specifically to reduce vibration and protect the floor only these special vibration absorbing mats will actually prevent vibration sounds and give you and your neighbours a quiet workout.

Each mat is approximately 47 inches square and come as a pack of four mats, buy more mats and join them all together if you have a large area you want to protect.

If your exercise machine is normally on the carpet protect your carpet from wear with a floor protection mat, if you are exercising on a harder surface then the vibration noise and floor scratches will be your biggest concern, a floor protection mat will prevent noise and scratching.
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