Treadmill, Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike Floor Mats.

Exercise Equipment Floor Protector Mats save your floor from getting indented, scratched or stained from heavy pieces of exercise equipment.

If you have a wooden floor or tiled floor then it's vitally important that you don't sit your exercise equipment directly on the floor, the first reason is because the exercise equipment will be very noisy in use as directly on the floor your exercise equipment will vibrate and wobble amplifying every movement that you make, your house will be noisy while you exercise and your neighbours won't thank you for it.

Floor Protector Mats for Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers, Exercise Bikes

Exercise equipment floor protector mats.

With exercise equipment floor protector mats under your machines the sound dampening properties of the mats will greatly reduce the noise your exercise equipment makes.

There are two sizes of mat available one is 200cm length x 95cm width (79 inches length x 37 inches width) which is suitable for treadmills and large elliptical or cross trainers and 150cm length x 95cm width (59 inches length x 37 inches width) which is suitable for exercise bikes and smaller elliptical or cross trainers.

When it's time to clean your exercise equipment, if you have your equipment on a floor protection mat, you don't have to be worried about miner spills as any spills of cleaning fluid or oils can easily be wiped of the floor mat with a warm soapy cloth.

These floor protection mats are sturdy, long lasting mats that weight in at 2kg and will support the weight of your exercise equipment keeping indentations out of your carpets or wooden floors no matter what the weight.

When your sweating, your sweat will fall to the floor as you exercise, if you don't want white salty stains on your wooden floors and tiles then you will need to get a floor protection mat, if you spill your water bottle, you could damage your carpets or wooden floors which may stain, far better to use a floor mat and protect against any mishaps.
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