Oxford 8000 Folding Rowing Machine Fits Under The Stairs.

Buy the bestselling Oxford 8000 Folding Rowing Machine it unfolds when you want to row and folds away where you can store it under the stairs.

For under 200 pounds the Oxford 8000 Folding Rowing Machine comes with free delivery.

Oxford 8000 Folding Rowing Machine, Store Under The Stairs

Oxford 8000 Folding Rowing Machine.

Silent in operation thanks to the magnetic resistance you can exercise at home without worrying about making noise for the neighbours or the rest of your family, then when you have finished rowing just turn the hand wheel to fold the rower and store it out the way, perfect for storing under the stairs or in a corner.

The striking red and silver design as well as the cheap price have proved popular and made this one of the bestselling folding rowing machines.

The included training computer displays your speed and the calories you have used whilst rowing, so if your trying to lose weight the watching your calories burn off is a great motivation.

To change the effort level required to row just turn the hand wheel and select one of eight different levels of resistance to row against.

If you like to move your folding rowing machine around, it will easily fit into a car thanks to the folding mechanism.

People with a maximum body weight of up to 16 stone so if your a little overweight this is a great rowing machine to burn some calories.

If your a student or always travel between accommodation and want to take some fitness equipment with you a folding rowing machine that will fit into the boot of your car id ideal.

For under 200 pounds this bestselling folding rowing machine is a great deal, it's a discounted price and enables all to get fit or maintain their fitness levels.

With free delivery and a twelve month warranty you can rest assured your getting the best deal on your folding rowing machine.
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