Orthopaedic Safe Treadmill.

The Bremshey Treadline Control T Treadmill is a Orthopaedic Safe Treadmill with a Orthopaedic safe running track to reduce impact on muscles and joints.

As well as having a reduced impact running surface the powerful motor is capable of powering the treadmill at any speed from very slow right up to 12.5 mph (5.5 metres per second).

Folding Treadmill - Bremshey Treadline Control T : Orthopaedic Safe

Reduced impact on muscles and joints.

The powerful 3HP motor moves the Orthopaedic belt quietly which is perfect if you live i a flat or don't want to bother the neighbours with noise of your exercising.

There's a range of different workout options on this folding treadmill including heart rate control exercise programs that monitor your heart rate through pulse rate sensors in the handlebars and automatically adjust the exercise program to your heart rate, pushing you harder if your heart rate is at rest and slowing down if your heart rate indicates you are working too hard.

You can easily adjust the speed making the treadmill faster or slower whilst you are walking or running and you can also set the incline whilst you are walking/running, creating the effect of going uphill with the choice from flat or gentle inclines to steep 12% inclines (where every one step forward causes the incline of the hill to increase by 12 steps).

The computer console is easy to use and provides automatic display (without having to set anything up) of time taken in to exercise so far, the distance you have walked or run, the speed with which you walked or run, the amount of energy you have used whilst exercising (this is measured in watts), and is great for comparing your effort level to say that of a light bulb, are you exercising hard enough to power a 50 watt or 100 watt light bulb.

The computer display also measures the incline of any hill you have selected in your exercise program, you heart rate is measured (by measuring your pulse using a pulse sensor built into the handlebars).

There's 14 different exercise programs from heart rate programs to fat burning, there's even a program that will keep your heart rate constant, making the exercise easier or harder to maintain a constant heart rate.

The treadmill is foldable so great for the home where when you have finished exercising you can simply fold the treadmill up where the running deck folds upwards making the treadmill easy to store behind furniture, in the hall or in the garage, and just to make things easier there's transport wheels that allow the treadmill to be easily moved around your house when folded, great for using the treadmill in one room and storing it in another.

There's a maximum user weight of 24 stone (150 kg / 330 lbs), so even if you're a larger man or women this treadmill will enable you to exercise and prevent muscle and joint pain and damage thanks to the Orthopaedic running deck.
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