Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer.

Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer the Folding Cross Trainer with Space Saving Design.

The Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer is a folding cross trainer simply lift up the pedals and stand and the cross trainer will take up approximately half the space it does when its open and ready for use if space is limited the Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer is one of the best ways to get a full size cross trainer at home.
Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer, Folding Cross Trainer.

Folding Cross Trainer, Space Saving Design.

There's a front mounted 11.5kg flywheel which because its mounted at the front rather than the back allows the pedals to be closer together so you won't feel like your legs are being stretched apart when your cross training and the flywheel also smoothes out the individual cross trai9ning steps into a smooth stroke that's natural and not mechanical feeling.

There's 10 exercise programmes included in the computer of the Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer these include manual programme so you can just press the resistance increase and decrease buttons and start cross training without having to worry about any settings and there's hill for those who want to work a different set of muscles in their legs especially their calf's and thighs they can use the hill programme which angles the cross trainer pedals.

The exercise computer also includes a fat burn programme which is designed to get you working hard with lots of cardiovascular movements to get you burning fat without accidently concentrating on strength or toning programmes which won't help you lose fat there's also a cardio programme (cardiovascular programme) which is designed to get your hearty working pumping blood round your body and getting those 30 minutes of moderate exercise the doctor tells us we need each day if you want to build strength and shape and tone your muscles then the strength exercise programme is for you.
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