Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer.

Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer the Folding Elliptical Trainer that Saves Space.

If you don't have room for an elliptical trainer at home think again as the Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer is a folding elliptical cross trainer which is a full size cross trainer where the pedals and rear frame fold upwards reducing the sixe of the elliptical trainer by half so now anyone can have a full size elliptical trainer at home.
Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer, Folding Elliptical Trainer.

Folding Elliptical Trainer, Saves Space.

The Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer has articulating footplates too so your feet, ankles and knees will always be in the correct alignment what the articulating footplates do is as the name suggest move when you use an elliptical trainer that does not have articulating footplates its your foot that is forced to make the movement but this movement is a rotating movement around your ankle which puts your foot out of alignment and can cause ankle, knee and back pain but with articulating footplates like on the Fuel Fitness FE46F Cross Trainer its the cross trainer that does the movement so your foot doesn't have too.

There's an MP3 and iPod connection so you can plug your player into the stereo speakers that are built into the digital display unit so you don't have to worry about headphone cables getting in the way of your exercise or headphones falling out of your ears or indeed sweaty headphones in your ears because of exercising.

There's a hand pulse sensor built into the handlebars to display your pulse rate and calculate your heart rate (from your hand pulse) to use with the heart rate exercise programmes that are built into the elliptical trainer and also you can user any wireless heart rate chest belt or wireless pulse rate watch or other wireless exercise monitor if you do the heart rate or pulse will be displayed immediately on the screen with no setup required.
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