Hammer Cardio CE1 Cross Trainer.

Hammer Cardio CE1 Cross Trainer with 2 Fixed, 2 Moving Handgrips, Set Target By Watts, Time, Distance, Pulse, Calories.

The Hammer Cardio CE1 Cross Trainer is a silver coloured home exercise elliptical cross trainer that has dual handlebars which means two sets of handgrips, one set the fixed set don't move and provide a step machine exercise for your lower body shaping and toning legs, thighs, hips, tummy and calves whilst the moving handlebars shape and tone your shoulders, arms and chest whilst also working the lower body so you can choose between a lower body exercise or a full body exercise.
Hammer Cardio CE1 Cross Trainer, 2 Fixed, 2 Moving Handgrips.

2 Fixed, 2 Moving Handgrips, Set Target By Watts, Time, Distance, Pulse, Calories.

On the LCD display your find graphics that show you the exercised programme you have selected as a moving bar chart where you can see the different resistance levels so you can see where yo8u are and what comes next just like exercising by running or walking outside you can look ahead and see the road if its straight or a hill so you know what comes next and this was very much missing from elliptical cross trainers until Hammer started including loo ahead displays.

You can set your target that's the goal that you have for each exercise session to watts, time, distance or calories the watts is the power your creating by exercising the higher the resistance level you choose the more power you will be generating this power is then shown on the display as watts can you exercise hard enough to make the same power as would be needed by a 20 watt light bulb its interesting to do and keeps you focused while your cross training.

With the target values you can set the power as your target for example you will keep exercising until the power meter target says 30 watts or you could use time as your target where your keep exercising until you have done 30 minutes or you might want to cross train for a certain distance or even until a certain pulse rate has been reached.
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