Hammer Crosstech XT Cross Trainer.

Hammer Crosstech XT Cross Trainer with Body Fat Measurement Sensors and Pulse Rate Sensors.

The Hammer Crosstech XT Cross Trainer is a white gloss coloured cross trainer for home use with a range of sensors built in the Hammer Crosstech XT Cross Trainer can measure body fat through resistance sensors embedded into the soft touch handgrips, just hold the handgrips as you exercised and press the body fat scan button for your body fat to be measured (the resistance across your body is an indication of your body fat) in BMI Body Mass Index units.
Hammer Crosstech XT Cross Trainer, Body Fat Measurement Sensors.

Body Fat Measurement Sensors, Pulse Rate Sensors.

As well as body fat stainless steel sensors in the handlebars also measure pulse rate which is displayed on screen as BPM Beats Per Minute and is helpful in determining how your body is reacting to exercise the display unit will also warn you if your heart rate goes to high or too low.

The large digit digital display unit is mounted between the fixed handlebars and provides a good view whilst your exercising with he control buttons below the digital display within easy reach even when your exercising the digital display shows you your speed, time, distance, pulse rate, calories, stroke rate and total stroke all on screen at the same time as the display shows everything on one screen all together rather than making you wait for a scanning mode to come round and display the single item of data your interested in.

There's dual handlebars on the Hammer Crosstech XT Cross Trainer the fixed handlebars for a step machine action and the moving handlebars for a full body workout of the lower body and upper body simultaneously.

There's a resistance level adjustment below the fixed handlebars and this contains a dial which shows you easy resistance levels and high resistance levels and is colour coded from yellow (easy), green to red (hard).
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