Hammer Ventano XTR Cross Trainer.

Hammer Ventano XTR Cross Trainer it's Height Adjustable and the Foot Plates are Adjustable.

The Hammer Ventano XTR Cross Trainer from German manufacturer Hammer is GS and TUV certified to German and European quality standards and is made to fit the whole family with adjustable handlebar height you can adjust without tools the height of this elliptical cross trainer to fit everyone and the pedals are size adjustable too so your fit the smallest foot to a UK size 14 foot on the foot plates and all adjustable without needing tools.
Hammer Ventano XTR Cross Trainer, Height Adjustable.

Height Adjustable, Foot Plates Adjustable.

The LCD display mounted between the dual handlebars has an exercise compute built in with 16 exercise programmes which are designed to be fun and interesting and help you shape, tone, build muscle and reduce fat there's also 4 heart rate control programmes which can use either the built in pulse rate measurement sensor in the handlebars which measures your pulse when you use the handlebars or a wireless radio chest strap or heart rate watch or other wireless radio exercise sensor.

If you don't like menu's and other gadgets just press the quick start button and your bypass all the menus and the elliptical trainer will spring into life just leaving you to increase the resistance on the pedals with the up and down button and press the stop button when your finished.

The Hammer Ventano XTR Cross Trainer has a rear mounted 18kg flywheel that's a big heavy flywheel and it's designed to provide lots of stability and smooth motion as it smoothes out your elliptical machine training actions on the pedals and makes the exercise smooth and natural rather than mechanical so you tire less and want to exercise more.

The front of the elliptical trainer has transport wheels when you lift the front up the transport wheels touch the floor and you can wheel the trainer around your house from room to room so you can use the trainer in one room in the house and store the trainer in another.
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