Home Gym With 21 Exercise Machines.

The Home Gym that saves you money with twenty one different exercise machines included in the one home gym your saving the cost of having to buy another 20 machines when you buy this advanced home gym.

Buy the advanced home gym and get all these exercise machines built-in pull down bar, front pull downs, rear pull downs, triceps extensions, assisted crunches, chest station, chest press, shoulder press, front butterfly, rear butterfly, leg station, leg extension, leg curls, sidekicks, strap sidekicks, arm rest, bicep curls, pulley station, rowing, upright rowing, seated rowing, bent rowing, preacher curls, bicep curls, wrist curls, forearm curls, shoulder shrugs and rear leg raises.

Home Gym, IronMan Advanced Multigym

Advanced Home Gym.

You get 150 Ibs of weight (68 Kg) included with your home gym, the weight is fully adjustable and you can choose how much weight to add in increments of 2.5kg and 5kg so you can perform all these different exercises with exactly the right amount of weight, so exercises which you are not used too or new too you will want to use less weight whilst other weight training exercises which you are already accomplished in you will want to use more weights.

Other cheap home gyms make you stop your exercising and adjust cables and pulleys and locking nuts just to move onto another exercise, but with the advanced home gym all pieces of exercise equipment are available all the time, the pulley mechanisms are designed so that no adjustment by the user is necessary when you move from one piece of equipment to the other.

There's lots of integrated pieces of equipment as standard including a pulldown bar, lower chain pulley, arm rest, leg rest and ankle strap all included.

With free delivery and a price under two hundred pounds this home gym has become very popular.
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