21 Gym Machines In One, the Advanced Multigym.

The IronMan Advanced Multigym is a home gym designed to save you money, with 21 different gym machines in one piece of equipment.

The home gym isn't big either, it's clever design uses a system of pulleys so you don't need to adjust anything to use all the machines, simply sit down at the gym station and begin your workout, as you move round different pieces of equipment on the home gym, you won't need to adjust anything, the advanced pulley system allows all pieces of gym equipment to work without individual adjustment.

Home Gym, IronMan Advanced Multigym

Home Gym.

The home gym comes with 150Ib or 68Kg of weights, simply adjust the weight stack to add more or less weights to your exercise.

In fact with so much weight available the home gym is suitable for both the beginner and the advanced gym goer alike, simply use as much or as little weights as you are comfortable with.

The massive range of equipment and exercises includes lat pull down bar, front pull downs, rear pull downs, tricep extensions, assisted crunches, chest station, chest press, shoulder press, front butterfly, rear butterfly, leg station, leg extension, leg curls, side kicks, strap side kicks, arm rest, bicep curls, pulley station, rowing, upright rowing, seated rowing, bent rowing, preacher curls, bicep curls, wrist curls, forearm curls, shoulder shrugs and rear leg raises.

With a full 12 month repair or replace warranty, you just can't go wrong with the IronMan Advanced Multigym.
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