Horizon Delos Cross Trainer.

Horizon Delos Cross Trainer the Powerful Elliptical Trainer with Modern Styling and Flat Panel Display.

The Horizon Delos Cross Trainer is well made, tough and powerful with a large rear flywheel that makes the elliptical action smooth and reduces vibration and user fatigue the cross trainer is modern, silver coloured and with a large flat panel display and buttons.
Horizon Delos Cross Trainer, Powerful Elliptical Trainer.

Powerful Elliptical Trainer, Modern Styling, Flat Panel Display

The graphical display features a legend which shows you the six different exercise programmes so you can see how hard they are without even trying them as the exercise programmes are drawn as different height bar charts with the height indicating the resistance level or how hard it is to move the pedals round and the length indicating how long that effort level is required, as well as graphical legends the main digital display also shows the exercise programme you have selected graphically and all your exercise data is displayed on screen at the same time.

No need to wait for a slow scan mode to move round and show you the exercise data your interested in on the Horizon Delos Cross Trainer all your data is shown on screen at the same time you can see your speed in real time changing as you change speed there's also a calorie counter which shows you how many calories your burning in real time so if you cross train faster or increase the resistance level your see your calories increase too the digital display also shows time, distance and your pulse rate as measured from pulse sensors in the handlebars a power rating which shows you the power in watts that your producing as you exercise.

There's dual handlebars too so you can exercise your whole body or just your lower body use the fixed handlebars for the lower body and the moving handlebars for the upper body whilst the pedals work your lower body as well. tomatically adjust the resistance levels too so you get a compete workout.
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