Horizon EX58 Cross Trainer.

Horizon EX58 Cross Trainer with Graphical Display and Polar Wireless Heart Rate Compatible.

The Horizon EX58 Cross Trainer is Polar wireless technology compatible so any pulse rate watch or heart rate chest strap or ear lobe pulse monitor will work with Horizon and there's no setup required simply bring the Polar device close to the Horizon EX58 Cross Trainer and the cross trainer will start displaying the heart rate and pulse rate on the screen.
Horizon EX58 Cross Trainer, Graphical Display.

Graphical Display, Polar Wireless Heart Rate Compatible.

The Horizon EX58 is a powerful elliptical trainer solidly built and able to give years of service the elliptical trainer has a graphical display that draws out on screen the exercise program you have selected so you can see where you are on the exercise programme and what comes next so you can see any resistance changes or rest periods.

The Horizon EX58 Cross Trainer has two sets of handlebars a fixed handlebar directly below the screen and a long moving handlebar which have multiple grip positions so your be able to hold the handlebars comfortably regardless of how tall or short you are.

The fixed handlebars provide a step machine action shaping, toning and fat burning on the legs, calves, hips, buttocks, stomach and thighs whilst the moving handlebars work the upper body as well as the lower body adding the shoulders, arms and chest to the workout.

The resistance used that makes it hard or easy to move the pedals up and down is from a electronic resistance system where you change the resistance levels from the buttons below the digital display its a completely electronic resistance system that does not need mechanical knobs or levers and so the whole elliptical trainer will last for many years.

The Horizon EX58 Cross Trainer is silver in colour with black top body and black pedals and handlebars it's a big and solid elliptical trainer that will provide years of service.
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