Huge Running Deck TrackSpeed 3200i

The TrackSpeed 3200i is a Huge Treadmill with a huge Running Deck so you have plenty of room to run or walk, if you ever felt like you where falling off the treadmill running deck that's because most treadmills have a small running deck, the TrackSpeed 3200i has a huge running deck and is a huge treadmill as well.

The huge handlebars with wide separation between the handlebars shows you just how big this huge treadmill is no longer will you fall off your treadmill just because you placed your footing in the wrong place or feel cramped and wedged in between two narrow handlebars, with the TrackSpeed 3200i you have plenty of room to run or walk.

TrackSpeed 3200i Treadmill, Large Running Deck

Huge Running Deck.

It's a huge treadmill with a huge running deck, now that's not to say that it is difficult to store when not in use, this huge treadmill has a simple folding mechanism that once folded will halve the size of the treadmill, so you can store the treadmill in its folded half size and then when you want to exercise simply unfold the treadmill.

The hydraulic folding system means that no effort is required to fold or unfold this huge treadmill, the hydraulics do all the hard work for you.

It's a fully featured treadmill the TrackSpeed 3200i comes with an easy to read digital display and console where you can choose from forty eight different exercise programmes, pulse sensors for measuring your heart rate are built into the handlebars.

The huge running deck has independent suspension to make sure your run or walk is as smooth as possible and does not cause undue pressure on your legs or joints like most other treadmills do.

A huge treadmill with independent suspension is very new and means that the TrackSpeed 3200i has already become a bestseller.

There's a one year full warranty covering parts, labour and replacement on the TrackSpeed 3200i huge treadmill so don't worry the guarantee will cover it.
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