IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine.

Review of the IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine the Home Rowing Machine That's Just Like The Gym Air Rowers.

If you look at the rowing machines in any gym they will be air rowing machines because they are the best and that's exactly what you get with the IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine, its an air rowing machine for use at home.
IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine, Home Rowing Machine.

Home Rowing Machine, That's Just Like The Gym Air Rowers.

Air rowing machines produce the resistance to your rowing by having a large fan enclosed in a cage at the front of the rower, when you pull the rowing machine handle to row your turning around the fan of the rowing machine, when you adjust the resistance of the rowing machine or how hard it is to row your adjusting the angle of the vanes of the fan to increase the wind resistance as you pull on the rowing machine, so air rowers get their resistance from effectively wind resistance.

There's eight levels of resistance to choose from on the IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine simply adjust the resistance knob which is located directly in front of you when your sat on the rower, turn the resistance knob to the left to reduce the resistance or effort required by you to pull the rowing handle and turn the resistance knob to the right to increase the resistance.

There's a large and comfortable seat which runs on its own wheels locked to the aluminium beam to provide a very smooth rowing action the seat glides forwards and backwards making the only resistance you have to deal with that of the resistance you have selected yourself on the resistance knob.

IronMan have designed this rowing machine to the same commercial standards they use for commercial gym equipment, the IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine has been designed to be a compact rower for use in the home.

You can fold the rower when not in use, the aluminium beam folds upright and locks into an upright position from where you can wheel the folded rower around the house on its wheels making it very easy to transport from room to room.

The IronMan Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine has a digital display mounted below the pull handle and easily visible whilst you're sat down at the rower even when you're at your furthest away on the rear stroke the displays shows your rowing time that's the amount of time you have been rowing for and is the best way to use the rower, set yourself a daily goal like thirty minutes on the rower and then watch the time on the rowing machine count up as you row.

You can also see how many strokes you making per minute on the display as well as the total number of strokes you have made since you started rowing if you're trying for a good cardiovascular workout then your want to keep consistent effort so watching the stroke rate to make sure your always keeping to about the same rate is one of the easiest ways to make sure your doing consistent effort.

The IM Fitness Isis Air Rowing Machine also shows you your calories that's the amount of calories you have burned since you started rowing, for your calorie consumption to be accurate you can enter your exact weight on the digital display and then your calories will be displayed on screen if your trying to lose weight and watching your diet then knowing how many calories you have burned through rowing will be important.

The display can either be set to show one detail like your time or set to scan through all displays one after the other if your just looking for an overview of your performance then the scan mode is ideal but if your only interested in say your time then its best to lock the display on time so you don't get distracted or have to wait for the value your fo9llowing to show up again.

The rowing machine feet sit firmly on the ground and don't wobble or vibrate when you fold the rowing machine the transport wheels will touch the floor (when in use the transport wheel will not touch the floor so there's no danger of rolling away).
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