IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer.

Review of the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer with Forward and Reverse Pedal Action and Two Handlebars.

On the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer you can pedal forwards or backwards, some people don't even realise that they are pedalling backwards but find it much easier than pedalling forwards, not all elliptical trainers support pedalling backwards but on the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer you can pedal both forwards and backwards, for clarification most people pedal forwards or in a clockwise direction, however you might be one of those people who likes to pedal backwards in an anti-clock direction, it does not matter its just personal choice, but do make sure you buy a cross trainer like the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer which supports going backwards.
IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer, Forward and Reverse Pedal Action.

Forward and Reverse Pedal Action, Two Handlebars.

There's two sets of handlebars on the IM Fitness XT2500 Elliptical Trainer, one of these handlebars is fixed and does not move, this handlebar is for working you lower body and toning and shaping your legs and buttocks, with a fixed set of handlebars you have a step machine, use the moving handlebars and you have an elliptical action where the elliptical trainer gets its name and this is a full body exercise that works out your upper body as well as your lower body, because you can move the handlebars backwards and forwards as you pedal and this action helps shape, tone and define the muscles in your arms.

So whether you're looking for a step machine action from the fixed handlebars or a full body workout from the moving handlebars the choice is yours and with free delivery and a heavily discounted price your getting a great deal.

On the centre post of the cross trainer your find a water bottle and holder which is included with the cross trainer, this is within easy hand reach whilst your actually cross training you won't have to overreach and extend yourself to reach the water bottle like you have to on some other elliptical cross trainers.
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