Simply Fold the IronMan Weight Bench away into your cupboard for Easy Storage.

Work your Pecs and Delts with the Butterfly Bars, work your quads with the leg extensions, work your hamstrings with the Leg Curls and fold away the weight bench when your finished.

The IronMan Folding Weight Bench folds in half to fit in a cupboard, then when your ready to use your weight bench simply push the weight bench into the open position.

IronMan Folding Weight Bench For Easy Storage

IronMan Folding Weight Bench.

The weight bench really does fold flat so you can store it out the way, no need to worry if you have enough room at home for exercise equipment, because now you do, simply fold it away when not in use.

With Butterfly Bars, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions and Chest Press the IronMan Weight Bench really does have everything you need for a home weight gym.

The seat and leg bars are all very well padded, so you won't get sore working out with this weight gym.
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