JTX Fitness Strider X5 Cross Trainer.

JTX Fitness Strider X5 Cross Trainer with Advanced Exercise Computer and Beautiful Display.

For one of the most beautiful and easy to use exercise computer displays take a look at the JTX Fitness Strider X5 Cross Trainer with a green bar chart showing you your exercise programme and resistance levels and light blue digital displays that can show all your exercise data on the same screen at the same time without resorting to scanning modes this is a beautiful display there's also exercise programme icons below the display which draw out for you as a bar chart all the exercise programmes that are built in so you can see the programmes before you start exercising.
JTX Fitness Strider X5 Cross Trainer, Advanced Exercise Computer.

Advanced Exercise Computer, Beautiful Display.

With 14 exercise programmes including heart rate control programmes there's plenty to choose from including programmes designed to help you burn fat and programmes designed to shape and tone your body as well as build strength or endurance simply choose the programme that you like best or use the heart rate control programmes which actively monitor your pulse by using hand pulse sensors in the handlebars and then calculate your heart rate and display it on screen along with a warning if your heart rate is too high or low.

The heart rate control programmes will actively monitor your calculated heart rate (derived from your pulse) and automatically adjust the resistance levels on the pedals to keep your heart rate constant at the level you have specified which will keep you ion the fat burning zone or you can have the heart rate control programme keep your exercise below a certain heart rate by lowering the resistance on the pedals should your heart rate rise to high not only is this the scientific way to exercise by using your heart rate to show you when your burning fat and its also the safest way to exercise.
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