Junior Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Junior Elliptical Cross Trainer the Fully Working Scaled Down Childrens Cross Trainer.

The Junior Elliptical Cross Trainer is a cross trainer designed specifically for children its a smaller version of the full size cross trainers that adults use in the gym, its not a toy its a fully working, hard wearing elliptical cross trainer for home use that comes with a years warranty and free home delivery.
Junior Elliptical Cross Trainer, Fully Working Scaled Down.

Fully Working Scaled Down, Childrens Cross Trainer

The Junior Elliptical Cross Trainer is a low impact exercise because your feet never leave the pedals your not impacting your joints or spine like you do when running on a treadmill so you won't get knee joint and back pains when you use this children's elliptical cross trainer.

For an easy to adjust resistance that will change how hard it is for the children to move the cross trainer pedals up and down there's a resistance hand wheel located on the main stem of the elliptical trainer, children simply turn the hand wheel to increase or decrease the resistance levels.

Suitable for a children's weight of up to 16 stone all children can use the Junior Elliptical Cross Trainer to get some exercise, get fit and lose some weight.

At the bottom of the cross trainer are transport wheels that only touch the floor when you lift up one end of the cross trainer so you don't have to worry about the elliptical trainer moving when in use, the transport wheels let you easily wheel the cross trainer around your home from one room to another and its easy to store too as you can wheel the cross trainer into a corner of the room.

Designed for children the bright green luminous colour of the cross trainer will appeal to children and be a lot of fun but its also doing the children good encouraging them to make exercise part of their daily lives and able to get exercise at home in their own room where if you don't have a garden or anywhere for the children to play will be essential.
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