Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer.

Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer with Max Heart Rate Warning and Continuous Display of Time, Distance, Speed and Energy.

The Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer comes with pulse rate sensors built into the handlebars, simply hold the stainless steel sensors as you exercise and your pulse rate and calculated heart rate will be displayed on screen and should your heart rate go to high whilst your exercising your see a heart rate warning on the digital display to warn you to stop or slow down, the digital display continuously shows you your time, distance, speed and energy without needing a scan mode so all your exercise statistics are on the screen at the same time.
Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer, Max Heart Rate Warning.

Max Heart Rate Warning, Continuous Display of Time, Distance, Speed, Energy

When your not exercising the Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer will show you the time and date on the digital display screen so even when not in use the Kettler is very helpful, built into the exercise computer is also a fitness test you can run this test and the elliptical trainers computer will tell you how fit you are, its good to run this before you start exercising and after several weeks so you can see the improvement.

There's a magnetic braking system in use which provides the resistance that you cross train against on the pedals and you can adjust this resistance to make it easier or harder to move the cross trainer pedals round at the back of the cross trainer is a flywheel mounted inside the case this flywheel spins inside the case and smoothes out the cross trainer pedal movement making for a vibration free and smooth cross training action that ensures you won't get sore or start aching due to vibrations or wobbling movements.

The Kettler AXOS Cross Trainer is self powered as you move the cross trainer pedals you're providing the power for the exercise computer and digital display a rechargeable battery keeps the display and computer going when your not using the elliptical trainer or when your not working the pedals hard enough.
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