Kettler Power Station Multi Gym.

Don't settle for just a multi gym get a power house get the Kettler Kinetic F3 Power Station Multi Gym this strong multi gym will get your body building to where you need to be, you want to be a power house so you need a powerful multi gym to do that.

This strong rigid structure multi gym is for the home but it's just like the strong and powerful multi gyms you will see at the gym, there's a massive weight stack of 80kg and you can take that to 100kg with two extra weights, are you man enough for a multi gym that will load you with 80kg of weight, magnify your training with a multi gym you can work all by yourself, no need for spotters, no need for any help just you and this monster multi gym will get your body where it needs to go.

Kettler Kinetic F3 Power Station Multi Gym

Kettler Kinetic F3 Multi Gym.

You can use this powerful multi gym if you have a weight up to 24 stone, that means either your massive and this multi gym has built you up to where you need to be or your carrying a lot of fat in which case you need this powerful multi gym now so you can start training hard and turn that fat into muscle.

There's a 3 year guarantee from the manufacture so if your Hercules and manage to break this tough mans multi gym,. give them a call for spares, repairs and servicing.

There's free delivery too so order today and the tough mans multi gym will be with you shortly turning you into a muscle bound man of steel.

Maybe you're not yet ready for the gym because you haven't built yourself up enough yet, or maybe you want a little extra help with your own strong man multi gym then this multi gym is ideal to turn you into a muscle bound, fat free strong man.
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