Kettler Rivo P Elliptical Cross Trainer.

Kettler Rivo P Elliptical Cross Trainer the Family Home Exercise Equipment with 4 Different User Profiles.

The Kettler Rivo P Elliptical Cross Trainer is suitable for the whole family to use at home as the cross trainer has 4 different user profiles and so can remember the settings for 4 different family members by remembering your calorie consumption, pulse rate, heart rate, resistance level preferences, speed, distance and time specification plus your body weight and age the cross trainer can instantly recall all your data to for example pre-select the resistance level you like to use on a specific exercise program or show you your calorie loss over a period of time.
Kettler Rivo P Elliptical Cross Trainer, Family Home Exercise Equipment.

Family Home Exercise Equipment, 4 Different User Profiles.

With 4 user profiles it makes it much easier to share the cross trainer between family members because at the push of a button (profile 1,2,3,4) a different family members profile can be saved or loaded saving time and remembering all the user settings.

A rear mounted 14kg flywheel ensures the strokes on this elliptical trainer are smooth and vibration free as the flywheel smoothes out the individual strokes into one continuous powerful yet smooth movement which keeps your momentum going and makes cross training easier.

The Kettler Rivo P Elliptical Cross Trainer is a beautiful white gloss colour with black footplates and black handlebars and looks great in any home the shiny white colour scheme makes the exercise machine not look out of place at home.

There's 16 levels of electronically controlled magnetic resistance so changing how hard it is to move the pedals is done at the pulse of a button rather than manually turning resistance wheel's or levers so you can concentrate on exercising and not old fashioned mechanical systems as the Kettler Rivo P Elliptical Cross Trainer is modern and 100% electronic.

Delivery is free of charge and there's a free 3 year parts and labour warranty.
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