Leather Fingerless Bag Mitts.

Leather Fingerless Bag Gloves made from premium leather, ideal for gym workouts and more flexible than traditional bag mitts.

These leather fingerless bag gloves are black in colour and have an elasticised, easy on, easy off design with real leather protection.

Leather Fingerless Bag Gloves

Leather Fingerless Bag Mitt Gloves.

There's extra padding around the elasticised wrist strap, leaving nothing to chance.

Available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large with free delivery.

Whether your doing a speedball workout, or doing some light weights and just want a little extra protection, if you've ever dropped a free weight on your hand, then your appreciate the extra well padded protection these real leather gloves have to offer.

Any ball exercise, light dumbbell exercises or general gym activities will be well suited by these bag gloves, so called for obvious reasons, because the fingers are protected by padded bags, which look much like sleeping bags or if you prefer sausages on your fingers.

Down at the gym all the serious gym bunnies working out with sports balls or light weights are using fingerless bag gloves, they are the modern alternative to traditional mitt gloves which are very hard to exercise in as you loose feeling, loose touch in your hands, the new design fingerless bag gloves, leave you protected but with all your senses of touch, speed and agility.

These fingerless bag gloves are reduced from their Registered Retail Price RRP, so you can pick up a real bargain, and with free delivery, that's another saving your make right there.

Whilst you might think remembering to take a pair of gloves to the gym is just hassle, it's a lot less hassle than dealing with sore or damaged fingers, so well worth the small investment.

If you have an old pair of traditional mitt gloves, it's time to try the modern design fingerless bag gloves, they are so much more manoeuvrable than traditional mitt gloves.
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