Marcy Fitness TSA5762 Smith Machine.

Buying a Marcy Smith Machine the Marcy Fitness TSA5762 Marcy Smith Machine Olympic System has been redesigned, this new Smith Machine has a lot to offer with the bench and Smiths Machine built into one bench, this makes for a very solid design that will cope with any weight and commercial grade use.

You can use both Olympic and standard size weight plates, there's also a leg developer, preacher curl pad and curl bar so lots of other exercises to perform, the Marcy Smith Machine really is the multigym of Smith Machines.

Marcy Fitness TSA5762 Marcy Smith Machine Olympic System

Marcy Fitness TSA5762 Smith Machine Olympic System.

No matter what level of body building you have achieved or your starting weight you can rest assured that the Marcy Smith Machine is strong enough for vigorous use, it's made from heavy duty tubular steel and has a powder coated finish which is resistant to knocks and scrapes, if you have ever dropped a weight on the paintwork of other pieces of exercise equipment you will already know how easily some machines will chip or scratch.

The key to a successful Marcy Smith Machine workout is the smoothness of travel of the weights, with the Ultra Glide bearings the weights move smoothly and don't stutter or jam.

The bench is fully adjustable and can be secured in a flat position, inclined or declined depending on the exercise performed and your preference.

There's six roller pads on the Smith Machine, each roller pad is oversize giving plenty of protection while you exercise and on the leg developer there's a vinyl covering so it's easy to wipe sweet or water bottle stains off.

Included on the Smith Machine is a Preacher Curl pad and commercial grade press bar and safety catches so no after what the weight you can be assured of safe exercising.

You can use both Olympic and standard size discs so if you already have some at home you can make use of either type on this Smith Machine.
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