Marcy Magnetic Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike Package.

Marcy Magnetic Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike Package, Buy 2 Exercise Machines and Save Money and Get an Instant Home Gym.

Want an instant home gym then buy the Marcy Magnetic Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike Package and your get a Marcy Elliptical Cross Trainer and a Marcy Exercise Bike both part of the same range and both the most popular home exercise machines so your have an instant gym at home with everything you need for home exercise and fitness all from the one purchase and because the two Marcy exercise machines are from the same family once you have used one piece of equipment your know how the other one works.
Marcy Magnetic Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike Package, Buy 2 Exercise Machines.

Buy 2 Exercise Machines, Save Money, Get Instant Home Gym.

The digital displays and exercise computer and even resistance adjustment are nearly identical between the exercise bike and the cross trainer so your have not problems getting the hang of them and you only have to learn how one works to immediately know how the other works, with two pieces of gym equipment you and a partner can exercise at the same time because sometimes its hard enough to get motivated to exercise so when the two of you are you should get quickly down to exercise without having to wait around for the other person to finish.

If you both exercise together you can both agree to say do 30 minutes and encourage each other to complete the exercise programme and because your have both an exercise bike and a elliptical cross trainer you won't get bored as every day you c an switch between the two or just settle on your favourite piece of exercise equipment.

Both have pulse sensors in the handlebars, hold the handlebars and your pulse will be displayed on screen it's a good measure of exactly how fit you are as the fitter you are the lower your pulse rate should be as you exercise. n for a certain distance or even until a certain pulse rate has been reached.
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