Matchroom 7ft pool table with 1 inch thick slate bed and leather drop pockets.

The Matchroom Pool Table is a solid and heavy pool table it's not flimsy like cheaper pool tables and your balls will run true, not off at funny angles like the cheaper pool tables.

The Matchroom pool table is 7ft in size, not a little kitchen top pool table that you might find elsewhere being sold as full size.

Matchroom 7ft Solid Wood Slate Pool Table

7ft Pool Table.

The bed is made from 1 inch think slate, that makes the bed run true and straight and gives the pool table plenty of weight and sturdiness. The pool table comes with wooden wedges to level the slate which depends on how flat your floor is, if your floor is very flat you won't need to use the wooden wedges, if your floor is uneven then the wedges will ensure the pool table sits flat.

The cloth is professional grade just like you are used to in the pool halls and snooker halls.

The drop pockets are leather and really add to the look of quality of this table.

This is a strong pool table you won't suffer from movement of the table or balls moving by themselves with the Matchroom Pool Table.

The legs are solid wood veneer which add strength to the table and make the pool table look very high quality.

Included with the pool table are two cues, one set of pool balls and one set of snooker balls and 12 chalks.
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