Stylish Treadmill

The BodyTrain T1000 is a Modern Treadmill offering the latest in technology and style, it's modern good looks and latest technology LCD display makes this a great treadmill for people who want to experience the latest treadmill designs at home.

The large crystal clear LCD display actually shows a running track and you running around the track, it's not those horrible old fashioned gym treadmills with coloured glowing dots, it's a real computer display showing a running track so you can see where you are on the track and exactly how you are doing.

Modern Treadmill, BodyTrain T1000

Modern Treadmill.

12 workout programs let you choose between fat burn, endurance, alpine, hill climb etc.

The LCD console is very stylish, it wouldn't look out of play in your hifi.

On the handlebars are blue glowing controls for speed and start/stop, they look like the one touch controls you find on up market remote controls.

The stainless steel pulse sensors on the handlebars record your heart rate so you can see your level of fitness at a glance.

The treadmill folds up vertically, you will ask yourself how such a big item like a treadmill can magically disappear as when folded it has such a small footprint.

This modern treadmill includes a built in body fat test, so you can check exactly how well your new keep fit regime is going.

If you like modern gadgets you will love the BodyTrain T1000 it's sophisticated yet simple, it's modern and well designed, look no further for a treadmill that's a joy to look at, whether your goal is running marathons or simply losing a few pounds this modern treadmill will help you accomplish those goals in style.

The onboard computer wouldn't look out of place in your car, the display is so simple to use, no more red flashing dots burning into your retina like the old fashioned treadmills at the gym.

The hand bars are comfortable and non slip, the treadmill is large enough that you won't fall off or miss your footing.

A modern and stylish treadmill that's as much about gadgets as it is about keeping fit, that will be the BodyTrain T1000 order yours today.

The BodyTrain T1000 Treadmill is a hi-tech looking treadmill with the largest LCD panel seen on any treadmill and the blue backlight just makes it look more special on the screen your see graphics of a running track and a little icon of a man used to show your position on the running track its great fun to run or walk and watch your little man move around the running track on the screen your also see your pulse rate as recorded by the shiny silver pulse sensors on the handlebars (hold the handlebars and your pulse is automatically read) your also see your speed and the time you have been running as well as the calories you have burned.

If your trying to lose weight then being able to see the calories you have lost and equally as important being able to work harder to see m ore calories count up on the display is excellent motivation to exercise as hard as you can and once you know how many calories are in the food you like to eat you know exactly how long and how hard you must exercise to burn the calories you consumed when eating your favourite foods.

Twelve exercise programmes give you a range of different running courses to choose from, choose a course to lose weight or a course to increase your cardiovascular activity or a course to run fats or a course for just a gentle walk or to shape and tone your legs you simply choose the exercise programme that appeals and the automatic system will adjust the speed of the treadmill and the incline of the treadmill to give you a realistic changing running course.

The treadmill folds away when not is use what you do is pull up on the treadmill deck and the hydraulic arm lifts the treadmill deck up for you and locks it into a forty five degree angle between the handlebars of the treadmill so your floor space is free again as the running deck has moved upwards.
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