Modern Treadmill

Modern Treadmills like the BodyTrain T1000 have become bestsellers due to their modern design and modern styling.

With easy to read large LCD display and a folding design that means your modern treadmill won't take up lots of room as the running desk folds upwards freeing up all that floor space.

Modern Treadmill, BodyTrain T1000

Modern Design and Style.

The LCD display shows a running track and your progress around the running track, displaying your heart rate, calories consumed, time and distance.

The folding treadmill is easy to fold, the simple hydraulic mechanism makes shutting or opening the treadmill as simple as shutting or opening your car boot.

Run or walk at your own pace or use one of the 12 exercise programmes to choose a exercise regime that suits your goals, losing weight, staying toned, walking, running, time trials, distance, calorie control, heart rate control and more.

The new stylish console design would not be out of place in a luxury car and makes the treadmill very modern and easy to use.

The shaped handlebars make the treadmill very easy to hold while you're running and the sensors in the handlebars display your heart rate on the LCD display.

There's a big yellow emergency stop switch which you just press to immediately stop the treadmill moving if you are getting tired or feeling unwell.

Easy to operate controls for speed and switch on, are located right on the handlebars, so in easy reach without you having to break your stride or struggle to find a control.

Storage wheels let you fold the treadmill and wheel it around the house easily for storage, so it's now easy to store your BodyTrain T1000 in one room of the house and use your treadmill in another room, simply wheeling the treadmill to where you want to use it, even wheel it outside.

There's a one year warranty which covers any faults in the first year.

Free delivery, a discounted price and one of the best selling modern treadmills available make the BodyTrain T1000 very popular.
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